by Firdhaussi


Writing is some works that we need to do for lifetime and i do believe that word is powerful. Hidup tampak seperti fragmen acak, menulis memberinya pola. Dongeng, puisi, artikel-artikel ringan sarat teori, juga sekadar tulisan reflektif adalah cara saya mengekspresikan pengalaman hidup.
Disclaimer: Pardon the mish-mash Indonesian, English, Javanese in my writing. Hope you enjoy!

Electricity happened to our rhapsodic tale


Zizek once said, “We make our individual contribution like the soccer fan who supports his team in front of a TV screen at home, shouting and jumping from his seat, in the belief that this will somehow influence the game’s outcome.”
Let’s make our contribution isn’t only beautiful myth, i am a collaborative species anyway. My mail: