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Kecemasan dan kotak schrodinger.

I’ve been thinking about this over and over again. Last night, you; a man with a genuine-hearted talked to me and said that you’re sad. You were being brutally honest, told me about what had happened, what you felt, what you are afraid of. And honesty it is something i respect a lot. I was listening closely. Up to one point you stopped talking.

I thought that was my turn. Then, my bad, i said several (judgemental) words that i didn’t know i will regret. These words were very unfair, i thought. At this point, I felt that i’m NOT a good friend. Very bad. Totally bad. B.a.d. I should, like an elder people say, put my feet in other shoes but I didn’t. Now, I’m trying to see as closely as i can. I hope it helps.

I must say that nothing is easier than talk from outer point of view, acting like a teacher and give expired sermons: such a disclaimer. Ha. But i will repay it.

Contemplating all of these, i understand when I defined that choices is ‘10’ and I asked why you choose ‘0’ instead of ‘1’. Now i get it. Actually, like you said, people have their own phase and momentum. I realize schrödinger box has you inside. So, for now you are in a superposition and any probabilities can be happened. I am just a human being from out of nowhere who can only predict and can’t even imagine what you feel.

So, at the last, i just wanna say that you are priceless. You are too precious and not-so-worthy to destruct by anything. I see limbic system and cortex inside your brain which are battling and i wish they can find a w-w solution for this probelm very soon. And me, i am here right now, on your side 1000% and hope that everything’s gonna be alright. I’m ready to be your listener, everytime you need.

A midnight in 2016

By firdhaussi

Still human;

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